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Mark Tyler PGA Professional Bracken Ghyll Golf Club

We are excited to announce that GCQuad is now available at Bracken Ghyll Pro Shop!

Replacing our previous GC2/HMT unit, GCQuad is the no.1 launch monitor used by the world's best players (9 out of the world's top 10 players used one during practice at the Masters).

Launch monitor technology is used during lessons and club fittings to measure key ball and club data. It also powers the indoor simulator during gameplay. Our new Quad is extremely portable so we can utilise it whilst coaching and fitting outdoors and not just indoors as was previously the case. 

For the tech-minded people out there, the Quad also automatically adjusts to changes in temperature and altitude to offer even more accuracy, and also self aligns to the chosen target!

Our continued investment in the very latest technology, ensures we can offer our customers the best possible coaching and fitting experience right here at the club!

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